Ketema Kebede
Firstly, huge thanks for sharing my thoughts yesterday about Queero’s week-long siege-cum-jamboree outside Ethiopian Embassy. This tragicomedy episode must be viewed as a learning curve for all – Ethiopians in the United Kingdom, the Embassy of Ethiopia in London and FDRE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Never again should so-called Queero UK be given the opportunity of bringing disrepute to our country by attacking our Embassy. Ethiopians must come to acknowledge the dire need to close ranks at a time when the very survival of Ethiopia is being challenged like never before. The Embassy of Ethiopia – we have been told is the first African diplomatic mission in London – must undertake a thorough review of security, while at the same time ensure there exists a flawless working relationship with British law enforcement agencies. Within the past 24 hours, we have been able to witness how powerful Ethiopia’s diplomatic muscle can be: When Arat Kilo demands, White Hall acts. Had it come a bit earlier, we would have witnessed the back of a mortified Queero earlier than today!
Now the dust has settled, let’s march forward in unison for we know that when the going gets tough, the tough (Ethiopians) keep going. It’s up to each and everyone of us to make Queero rue the day it desecrated our glorious flag. Please help the cause of Ethiopianism by forwarding this commentary. Thank you!

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