Opinion: White lies matter !

by Ketema Kebede

By way of introduction, I am an Ethiopian – a product of an Oromo father and an Amhara mother – accountant living for the past 28 years in the largely Jewish dominated residential part of Islington in North London. Yesterday morning I went to the Ethiopian Embassy in London to collect my visa. Alas, and who do I meet there – the very Oromo 17 year old Yadete Kiya relative of mine whom I have been assisting with his subsistence because the British welfare system does not cater for illegal migrants like him.He is not only unemployed, but his inability to speak English has made him unemployable. Speaking in Afan Oromo, he explained to me how and why he had joined the group of gung-ho Queero in London. ‘’At least they pay me £20 per day and  provide me with cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. All I am asked to do is to simply join the chorus of disapproval against Abiy and Neftegna.

Not only that, if we sleep-over outside the Ethiopian Embassy for 3 consecutive nights, the Oromo Community in London will write a support letter for us to the Home Office in support of our asylum application.” It is my encounter with my own flesh and blood that has prompted me to put pen and paper together and expose to my compatriots on how OLF henchmen in UK are radicalising gullible and venerable youth in order to realise their ultimate dream of dismembering Ethiopia into mini-Islamist states. When I heard them shout to the Police, “Ethiopians killed our mothers and fathers so help us,” I burst into laughter and was reminded of the Amharic saying “ጩህቴን ቀሙኝ” We know, don’t we, who has been going from one Amhara home to the other on a killing and burning spree in Arsi,  in Bale and Shashemene?

There is no doubt in my mind that that highly radical Oromo protesters had a field day yesterday outside London’s Ethiopian Embassy. They had forced the Embassy to work with a skeletal staff, they have managed to hoodwink passersby with their stream of lies about the state of affairs in Ethiopia. But they have failed to attract a single media outlet to cover their highly provocative behaviour. British media are chart when it comes to choosing which activity to cover for they know that every incident – however gory it may be – is not newsworthy. Yesterday’s incident must on the other hand must be viewed as a clarion call to Ethiopians. Where have flag waving Ethiopian patriots gone?This is a golden opportunity for all Ethiopians to converge outside the Ethiopian Embassy sooner than later and deal a death blow to confused and confounded OLF’s plan of turning our Motherland into an ethnic inferno. Please share this script to as many of your friends as possible.

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