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Secretary-General welcomes Ethiopia’s pledge to allow humanitarian access to Tigray

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed Ethiopia’s commitment to ensuring aid workers can access the war-ravaged Tigray region, his Spokesperson said in a statement on Friday. The development comes a day after Mr. Guterres and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed…

UN backs AU mediation bid over disputed Nile Dam

United Nations Security Council members on Thursday backed African Union mediation efforts between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan in a dispute over the operation of a giant hydropower dam on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, urging the parties to resume talks….

Ethiopia Urges Egypt, Sudan to Understand that Resolution Won’t Come from UNSC

Ethiopia has urged Egyptian and Sudanese to understand that a resolution to the Nile issue won’t come from the Security Council; it can only come from good faith negotiations under the auspices of the AU with due care for the…