By Thomas Gedle

So much for the American exceptionalism BS. The truth is that the American value is completely out of whack. And the nation’s foreign policy is up for sale to the highest bidder. Africa’s terrorists, dictators and juntas are flocking to the doorsteps of the White House and the US capitol. They are offering millions to buy friendship and unwavering support for their sinster operation againest their own people and duly elected governments.

America’s long-standing enemy, Sudan paid $352 millions to Trump to be removed from state-sponsored terrorists list, and became America’s darling overnight. That is all General Al Burhan needed to turn on Abiy, who ironically brokered a peace deal, months earlier, in his country of Sudan. The General returned the favour by invading Abiy’s Benishangul; against the will of the Sudanese people and his civilian counterpart, for pay off by Egypt. The transgression earns not even a low-profile condemnation by the US.

Egypt’s dictator, Field Marshal Al Sisi, had to overthrow the elected government of Al Morsi, to become America’s “favourite dictator”. Not clear, yet, how much he paid to earn the coveted spot. The full-on televised blessing and backing to bomb GERD must have cost him a lot of money. Who gives a damn about the people of Ethiopia, so long as the price, offered by the dictator, is right. Afterall, African countries are nothing but “shit-holes” in Trump’s view. Remember?

Now that Trump is gone, Dr. Suzan Rice and her buddies are taking over Washington, and offering America’s foreign policy up for sale on retail. Her first customer is none other than the Junta. Comfortable with long-established personal connections, the Junta is offering huge sums of money for America’s help in returning them to power in Ethiopia, or breaking the nation up altogether. Who cares about the size of the payment. It is all stolen from the nation’s treasury. The input for creating the pretext has been completed by America’s Special Envoy, Jeffery Fletman. The sleazeball is, by the way, recommended for the dirty job by his buddy, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, with a powerful backing by Susan Rice.

The Foreign Relation committee of the US Congress met secretly yesterday, in a closed door meeting, to consider the options, recommendation and implementation strategies, under the banner of “Challenges and opportunities in the Horn of Africa, with special focus on Ethiopia”. The world will hear the verdict soon.

The truth is our nation will never become Syria, Libya, Yemen or Yugoslavia. The oldest nation on earth, the origin of mankind, the biblical land of ours will continue to exist as one, as it has for centuries.

The people of Ethiopia must unite. If America can, and is willing to, stand with dictators, terrorists and juntas, , against her strongest ally in Africa, and againest 120 million people, why can’t we stand for peace behind the pride of our nation, Africa’s peacemaker, the winner of the world’s most prestigious peace prize, and the most influential person on the continent.

Though surrounded by enemies, he is standing tall and strong, with a solemn promise to our nation, never to be bamboozled and dictated by the West, charting a new course of history along the way on how the West must deal with the countires of Africa; solely based on mutual respect and benefits; not aid but trade.

Stay engaged.

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