• Kenya’s Safaricom eyes new technology, expansion into Ethiopia
    Kenyan telecoms giant Safaricom is seeking to transform itself into a technology company, offering new financial solutions to anyone from small businesses to farmers, new CEO Peter Ndegwa told AFP. Listed on the Nairobi stock market, Safaricom is one of the biggest companies in East Africa, its success fuelled by its mobile money service Mpesa, […]
  • ግርማዊ ሆይ ይማሩን !!!
    ደጉ የሰላሙ መሪ ንጉሳችን ግርማዊ ቀዳማዊ ኃይለስላሴ ሆይ የእንባ እርግማንዎን እባክዎ በዚህ አዲስ አመት ያንሱልን ? 43 አመት ካለምንም ምክንያት እርስ በርስ ተባላን ምድሪቱ የመጣ መሪ ቢመጣ አልረጋ አልገዛ ብላ አስቸገረች ህዝቡም እምነት ፍቅር ስምምነት አጣ :: ንጉስ ሆይ ይማሩን ይቅርም ይበሉን አመቱ የሰላም የጤና የፍቅር የብልፅግና እንዲሆንልን እባክዎ በእንባ የታጀበው እርግማንዎትን ከኛ ከህዝብዎ ላይ […]
  • Ethiopia: Govt Revamps Currency Change Steps
    This week the government of Ethiopia unveiled new currency notes replacing the existing Birr note. According to the announcement that the new currency notes include Birr 10, 50 and 100 denominations, with an additional introduction of a new 200 Birr note. The move will help to curb illicit money transfer, counterfeit and contrabands, it was […]
  • Ethiopia: Inspirations From New Currency Notes
    On the morrow of a new year the new Ethiopian 200 Birr note displays a picture of white bird carrying olive branch, which is a sign of peace. Indeed, the new note has carried a special and timely message that is meaningful not only at this moment but also that can pass to the coming […]
  • Ethiopia set to bring some migrants home as concern over Saudi camps mounts
    Ethiopia will repatriate nearly 2,000 migrants from Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks, a government minister said on Thursday, amid a global outcry over conditions in the kingdom’s migrant detention camps. A series of investigations by The Telegraph, a British newspaper, have revealed appalling conditions at the camps, where people are dying of heatstroke, disease and suicide. […]

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