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Day: 17 October 2022

IMF projection ‘Ethiopia shows a GDP growth rate of 5.3% in 2023’

The newly released IMF real GDP growth projection depicts a somewhat gloomy prospect for sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The region’s progress had only bounced back to 4.7% in 2021 before a sharp decline to 3.6% was forecast for 2022. SSA’s growth…

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IRC staff member killed delivering life saving aid in Ethiopia

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is saddened to confirm the reports of the death of one of our colleagues who died from injuries sustained during an attack yesterday in Shire Town in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Our colleague, a…

Intelligence agencies of Sudan and Ethiopia agreed to bolster security cooperation.

Intelligence agencies of Sudan and Ethiopia on Saturday agreed to bolster security cooperation in a bid to counter-pressing peace and security challenges in the region. The agreement was reached in Addis Ababa between the Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service…